Recent Community Improvements

Since the 2018 Annual Meeting, the Hillsdale Community Board has worked hard to improve the safety and appearance of our community. The board continues to be in excellent financial health due to the limited snow in Winter 2018/2019. Below are recent activities:

October 2018: Pavement resealing and painting

February 2019: An engineering firm was commissioned to study the drainage in the community. The board is awaiting the final report and will commission to improve drainage within the community on a multi-year plan. The areas most severely impacted will be targeted first.

March 2019: The Blade Runners contract was updated to include annual rechipping of the Tot Lot.

April 2019: Annual Inspections this year will be conducted by Community Enforcement Services.

Yard Waste

AAA/Republic Services separately picks up yard waste every Wednesday from March 1 to December 24 (they will not be picked up with the regular
trash pickup on Tuesdays and Fridays). Please call AAA/Republic at 703 818-8222 and select Option 6. They will need to confirm service via your address, with zip code. There’s a maximum of 10 bags per household.