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A number of stores are conveniently located to Hillsdale residents.  A Target Store is within walking distance, and the Twinbrook Shopping Center, which has a Safeway Market, McDonald’s, and a Greek Restaurant among the stores in the center.  Driving in the opposite direction for 5 minutes, there is a Walmart and a Giant Food Market.  Nearby there is also a shopping center that has a Starbucks, Subway, Chipotle, and Kohls Store among other shopping favorites.

Nearby Schools

Hillsdale is conveniently located near several schools at all levels. Below is a listing with contact information and links to these nearby schools. To confirm your school need, use the Fairfax County Public School’s Boundary Information System. For additional information, please call 571-423-4740 or see the Advanced Academic Programs Website.

Kings Park Elementary School
5400 Harrow Way
Springfield VA 22151
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Kings Glen Elementary School
5401 Danbury Forest Dr
Springfield VA 22151
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Lake Braddock Secondary School—Middle
9200 Burke Lake Rd
Burke VA 22015
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Lake Braddock Secondary School—High
9200 Burke Lake Rd
Burke VA 22015
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Advanced Academic Placement Centers: Only for eligible students in Grades 3-8. For eligibility details, please click here.

Keene Mill Elementary School
6310 Bardu Ave
Springfield VA 22152
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Lake Braddock Secondary School—Middle
9200 Burke Lake Rd
Burke VA 22015
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Contact HOA

Mailing address for HOA  payments

Hillsdale Community Association
P.O. Box 66571
Phoenix, AZ 85082-6571

Contacts for Service First Management & Consulting Inc

Community Manager:
Josh Young, x 203

Administrative Assistant: Cynthia Wilkinson, x 232

Accounting Representative: Shelby Collamer, x 218

Community Inspection Services

AAA Recycling and Trash Removal Services


Resolution 2012-01: Establishing Enforcement and Due Process Procedures

Resolution 2012-02:
Procedures for Receiving and Reviewing Complaints

Resolution 2012-03 Recitals: Costs for requesting association records and documentation

Resolution 2001-01 Parking Policy: Guidance on parking in the community

Community Forms

Download the PDF form

ARC Project Change Request Form
(Complete the MSWord document and submit via email)
Instructions for ARC Project Change Request Form
Neighborhood Watch Vehicle Incident Report
(Complete the MSWord document and submit via email)

Pet Regulations

For information related to animals in the community, call the Fairfax County Non-Emergency Dispatch/Animal Control 703-691-2131.

Our community’s Architectural Guidelines, as well as Fairfax County law, require pet owners to remove their pet’s waste from the common areas and from property other than their own.
Pets are not permitted to run unrestricted in the community. A dog or cat is considered unrestricted when roaming, running or not restrained by a dependable leash.
Fairfax County Animal Control has permission to enter Hillsdale property. Residents who do not comply with the law or regulations run the risk of being cited by Fairfax County.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Safe Disposal of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

DO NOT DUMP any hazardous waste products around homes or in common areas. Fairfax County offers an ongoing program for the safe disposal of HHW. These items include aerosol sprays, automotive fluids, varnish and stains, oil-based paint (latex paint is not considered caustic and can be disposed of with refuse, once dry), paint thinners, gasoline, kerosene and pesticides.

Trash Removal and Recycling

AAA Trash and Recycling is the company we contract with for services in the Hillsdale Community.
AAA Recycling and Trash Services
4619 West Ox Road Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: 703-818-8222

NOTE: Trash pickup will take place as regularly scheduled during the 2014 Holiday Season (PDF)

Trash Removal

The HOA Board of Directors strongly recommends the use of trash cans. Trash bags may be torn by crows and other wild or unleashed animals.
You may place trash out for Tuesday and Friday collection no earlier than 5:00 PM the evening before collection.
Remove trash cans from the pick-up area as soon as possible after pick-up to avoid creating an eyesore.
Store trash cans in the rear of your home and not on porches.


AAA provides pick-up of recycling every Friday.
You may place recycling out no earlier than 5:00PM the night prior to pick-up.
AAA accepts newspapers, glass, aluminum or steel cans, and plastic bottles #1 and #2.
AAA provides one recycling bin per resident at no charge. Additional bins can be obtained for a small handling fee by calling AAA at (703) 818-8222.
Remove recycling bins from the pick-up area as soon as possible after pick-up to avoid creating an eyesore.
Store recycling bins in the rear of your home and not on …

Parking Regulations

The HCA Parking Regulations for the Hillsdale Townhome Community regulate the use of parking spaces and assure the community’s safety and harmonious visual presence. It is important that you and your visitors know the HCA Parking Regulations, which are enforced on a daily basis. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in towing of vehicles that are not in compliance.

Our towing company, King Towing, regularly patrols the Hillsdale Townhome Community and has standing authorization from the Board of Directors to tow vehicles that are in violation of the parking regulations.

If your vehicle has been towed contact:
King Towing
703-691-0682 (fax)

The HCA endorses strict compliance with these policies, which are designed to assure ready access to emergency and service vehicles; maintain the attractive appearance of the community, and help keep insurance rates low. Please be considerate of fellow residents by obeying the following guidelines:

It is your responsibility to inform your guests where to park, and to ensure they abide by the rules.
Assigned Parking: Two spaces per town home are assigned by HCA. If you are new to the community and do not know which spots are yours, contact the Management Company.
If …

About Our Community

Welcome to the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) website for the Village Townhomes of Hillsdale in Burke, Virginia. Built in 1985, the homes evoke a Victorian era charm and offer unique floor plans. The community is managed by the Hillsdale Community Association, Service First Management and Consulting, Inc. (SFMC)  12084 Cadet Court, Manassas, VA 20109

The Association is led by a Board of Directors who serve as volunteers.  Board members are elected for 3 year terms at annual meetings in June. All operational issues are managed with the assistance of the Management Company.

Community Guidelines

The Hillsdale Townhouse Community has a number of guidelines that contribute to the  smooth function of the community. These are important guidelines that every community member must adhere to. There are serious consequences for not following the guidelines, such as your car may be towed if you disregard the Parking Regulations.  Let’s help each other continue to have a happy and thriving community membership.

Hillsdale Bylaws

The Bylaws of the Hillsdale Community Association set the rules and regulations for managing the community and establishing the powers and duties of the Board of Directors for the Association. The Board adopts and publishes the rules and regulations governing the use of the Common Area and facilities and the personal conduct of the members and their guests.

Download the PDF file
Hillsdale Townhome Community Bylaws

Architectural Guidelines

In order to maintain consistent visual standards for the community, guidelines have been established that guide townhouse owners with maintenance and improvements to their townhomes.

The complete Architectural Guidelines for the Hillsdale Townhouse Community (PDF)  can be downloaded, and  a brief summary of the document can be viewed below. An Addendum to the Guidelines that assists with selecting paint colors for community townhomes can be viewed at Addendum to Exhibit A.

The Architectural Project Change Request Form and Instructions can be downloaded below:

ARC Project/Change Request Form
(Complete the MSWord document and submit via email)
Instructions for ARC Project/Change Request Form


In an effort to maintain the appearance of the homes and yards in our community, the Hillsdale Community Association (HCA) utilizes a home inspection program that enforces the standards and policies set forth in both the Architectural Guidelines and Standards and the HCA Declaration. During the Spring, our Architectural Control Committee (ACC) or designated representative, inspects the exteriors and yards of the town homes for architectural violations. If a discrepancy is noted, a notice is sent to the homeowner giving them time to correct the deficiency. If the …


Fairfax County has an extensive system of county parks of all sizes. The Hillsdale community has easy access to a very attractive recreational area across Guinea Road. Lake Royal is a small U-shaped man-made lake with park and field areas. There is a 2-plus mile trail around the perimeter of the lake, and it’s a pleasant walk, mostly flat with one steep area. The trail was built and is still maintained by a local Boy Scout troop. A walk from Hillsdale around the lake and back again is about 3 miles long. There is a playground area with picnic tables and benches, and a baseball diamond, basketball court, and football field.


The lake has a resident population of Canada geese and the occasional blue heron and egret, beavers, and fish. See recent developments related to Royal Lake.

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