Architectural Guidelines

In order to maintain consistent visual standards for the community, guidelines have been established that guide townhouse owners with maintenance and improvements to their townhomes.

The complete Architectural Guidelines for the Hillsdale Townhouse Community (PDF)  can be downloaded, and  a brief summary of the document can be viewed below. An Addendum to the Guidelines that assists with selecting paint colors for community townhomes can be viewed at Addendum to Exhibit A.

The Architectural Project Change Request Form and Instructions can be downloaded below:


In an effort to maintain the appearance of the homes and yards in our community, the Hillsdale Community Association (HCA) utilizes a home inspection program that enforces the standards and policies set forth in both the Architectural Guidelines and Standards and the HCA Declaration. During the Spring, our Architectural Control Committee (ACC) or designated representative, inspects the exteriors and yards of the town homes for architectural violations. If a discrepancy is noted, a notice is sent to the homeowner giving them time to correct the deficiency. If the deficiency remains uncorrected, the Board may hold a hearing with the homeowner, and could impose monetary fines or other sanctions until appropriate action is taken to correct the deficiency.   Atrium Architecture

Remember that as members of the Association, all residents are obligated to comply with these standards and policies. Your cooperation helps to maintain the architectural character of Hillsdale and enhance property values.

Any exterior additions, changes or alterations to any building, fence, wall or other structure by any homeowner requires the written approval of the ACC. An application must be submitted in writing to the ACC at least 60 days before commencement of any work. In the event that construction is initiated prior to the receipt of written approval, owner bears all risks and liabilities if the application is not approved by the ACC.

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