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Welcome to the Homeowner’s Association (HOA) website for the Village Townhomes of Hillsdale in Burke, Virginia. Built in 1985, the homes evoke a Victorian era charm and offer unique floor plans. The community is managed by the Hillsdale Community Association, Service First Management and Consulting, Inc. (SFMC)  12084 Cadet Court, Manassas, VA 20109

The Association is led by a Board of Directors who serve as volunteers.  Board members are elected for 3 year terms at annual meetings in June. All operational issues are managed with the assistance of the Management Company.

Community Guidelines

The Hillsdale Townhouse Community has a number of guidelines that contribute to the  smooth function of the community. These are important guidelines that every community member must adhere to. There are serious consequences for not following the guidelines, such as your car may be towed if you disregard the Parking Regulations.  Let’s help each other continue to have a happy and thriving community membership.

Hillsdale Bylaws

The Bylaws of the Hillsdale Community Association set the rules and regulations for managing the community and establishing the powers and duties of the Board of Directors for the Association. The Board adopts and publishes the rules and regulations governing the use of the Common Area and facilities and the personal conduct of the members and their guests.

Download the PDF file
Hillsdale Townhome Community Bylaws

Architectural Guidelines

In order to maintain consistent visual standards for the community, guidelines have been established that guide townhouse owners with maintenance and improvements to their townhomes.

The complete Architectural Guidelines for the Hillsdale Townhouse Community (PDF)  can be downloaded, and  a brief summary of the document can be viewed below. An Addendum to the Guidelines that assists with selecting paint colors for community townhomes can be viewed at Addendum to Exhibit A.

The Architectural Project Change Request Form and Instructions can be downloaded below:

ARC Project/Change Request Form
(Complete the MSWord document and submit via email)
Instructions for ARC Project/Change Request Form


In an effort to maintain the appearance of the homes and yards in our community, the Hillsdale Community Association (HCA) utilizes a home inspection program that enforces the standards and policies set forth in both the Architectural Guidelines and Standards and the HCA Declaration. During the Spring, our Architectural Control Committee (ACC) or designated representative, inspects the exteriors and yards of the town homes for architectural violations. If a discrepancy is noted, a notice is sent to the homeowner giving them time to correct the deficiency. If the deficiency remains uncorrected, the Board may hold a …

Friendly Community

Members of the Hillsdale Townhome Community are all ages—from children to teenagers, to university students, and of course adults!  The visual presence of the community’s architecture is uniquely harmonious,  and as a result there is harmony among the people who live in the community.  Neighbors are friendly and welcoming.


The Hillsdale Townhome Community is an active community with a diverse cross section of members who strive to keep the community happy and safe. The blog will feature activities in the community. Stay Tuned!


Fairfax County has an extensive system of county parks of all sizes. The Hillsdale community has easy access to a very attractive recreational area across Guinea Road. Lake Royal is a small U-shaped man-made lake with park and field areas. There is a 2-plus mile trail around the perimeter of the lake, and it’s a pleasant walk, mostly flat with one steep area. The trail was built and is still maintained by a local Boy Scout troop. A walk from Hillsdale around the lake and back again is about 3 miles long. There is a playground area with picnic tables and benches, and a baseball diamond, basketball court, and football field.


The lake has a resident population of Canada geese and the occasional blue heron and egret, beavers, and fish. See recent developments related to Royal Lake.

Tot Lot for Kids

The Community has a special area for children to swing and play that is affectionately called the “Tot Lot.” There is also a picnic table where parents can rest while watching their children play.  Located on Pierrpont Street near the community entrance, the “Tot Lot” is a safe are where kids can play without worrying about car traffic.

Snow Removal

Blade Runners Snow Message to Hillsdale Clients 2016

Blade Runners is the company that handles snow removal for the community. See their Snow Bulletin for detailed information about the services they have been contracted to provide for the community. The number one issue is SAFETY. Their policy is not to place snow in empty parking spaces, though in some cases, it is necessary to do so. The bulletin also gives instructions for what you can do to  help!

Blade Runners Snow Bulletin

Community Alerts

Stay tuned here for IMPORTANT information.


There have recently been sightings of one or more raccoons that have been causing damage to owner’s yards. Please use caution and keep your distance if you spot a raccoon, and immediately report the sighting to Fairfax County Animal Control at 703-691-2131. It is important to call as soon as you can, as Animal Control can only be dispatched if the animal was seen within the last couple of hours.

2017 HOA Dues are $294 Per Quarter
Next Due Date: October, 2017

If Your Vehicle is Towed, Contact
Community Towing Services
(towing fee is $160.00/subject to change)
Phone: 703-645-7330

Mailing Address for Payments
Hillsdale Community Association
P.O. Box 66571
Phoenix, AZ 85082


Buying, Selling or Refinancing Help Documents are available for Purchase. You can setup an account at https://www.homewisedocs.com/nxlapp/appres/index.xhtml



Any homeowner interested in organizing the Halloween Parade for kids in our neighborhood, should contact Paras Kaul at paraskaul@gmail.com.


The lake has been restored and is open for hiking around the lake—with new equipment in places along the trail.
If you haven’t been to the lake, check it out soon. The lake provides a great, free exercise opportunity.

With funding identified, FORL members met with FCPA Staff to make final equipment location and color decisions, clearing the last hurdles to ordering. With one exception, all equipment will be dark green and brown, identical to Katie’s Playground adjacent to the tennis court.

On Saturday June 11, Boy Scouts, FORL/Community members, and FCPA staff removed around 6-8 remaining pieces of the original exercise equipment. With these last items gone, FCPA will (later) level these sites, and the contractor will begin installing the new equipment. Installation might be completed by 30 July; if not, installation will resume in September as the contractor spends August completing school playgrounds.

Friends of Royal Lake (FORL) met with FCPA representatives to resolve specific issues with the replacement of outdoor physical fitness equipment at Royal Lake. The Park Authority anticipates $24-26K for the equipment, labor installation and materials. To date, several communities have contributed or pledged to do so, totaling – $7,500. Private individual contributions for this project are welcomed and needed. Contributions should be sent to the Fairfax County Park Foundation It is important that all donations be marked for Royal Lake Exercise Equipment. Download the article

Much aquatic wildlife was lost with the dredging of Woodglen Lake; we need not lose that wildlife with the dredging of Royal Lake. Members of the Friends of Accotink Creek are already gearing up to assist at Royal Lake and and many of the other Park Authority Friends groups in the Braddock District will be asked to assist. Scouting groups and church groups will also be asked to volunteer and to advertise this issue through Supervisor Cook’s Braddock Beacon and Cook Advisory’s. See the Call to Action

Thanks to Larry Mikesell & Debbie Schultz for their participation in this project.
See the Post.


2018 Homeowners Association Meetings
Open to All!
Where: Kings Park Library
Address: 9000 Burke Lake Road
Burke, VA 22015

All meetings will be held
on the fourth Wednesday of the month
in the Supervisor’s Meeting Room
(EXCEPT for the Annual Meeting in June 2018).

The Supervisor’s Meeting Room is at the other
side of the library from the main entrance. It has a separate entrance.

1. Dates and locations are subject to change
2. Annual Meetings are held at the
Tot Lot, Pierrpont Street

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